Divya Spandana’s distasteful tweet on Statue of Unity and PM invites criticism even from those believed to be Congress sympathizers

Congress party’s social media head, Divya Spandana who is no stranger to controversies has yet again found herself in one. She recently tweeted an image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, standing next to the Sardar Patel’s newly unveiled statue which is touted as the ‘Statue of unity’. She added a caption saying, “Is that bird dropping?”

The tweet and its caption drew sharp criticism from BJP which alleged this to be a testimony of Congress’ arrogance. . Several other people from various walks of life, also launched scatching criticism on Divya Spandana for her tweet which many felt to be in bad taste.

However this did not make Spandana to back down or apologize, instead she came down heavily on every person who criticized her, including those journalists who are believed to be Congress sympathizers.

Journalist Shekhar Gupta, who holds a reputation for having a soft-corner for the Congress, accused Spandana of further ruining India’s already rotten political discourse and insulting people’s collective intelligence by claiming that the ‘bird dropping’ remark referred to something else. He then wondered whether this is the political decency that Rahul Gandhi promised by embracing the Prime Minister during an ongoing parliament session.


To this, Shekhar Gupta met with a rather strong retort from Divya Spandana, who actually went on to mock his very publication as a “gossip column.”

Several people also came in defense of Divya Spandana, which included journalist Pallavi Ghosh, who somehow claimed that it has been clarified that the reference was not made to the Prime Minister. To this, NDTV Journalist, Nidhi Razdan wondered that if not the PM, then what is it in reference to.

After this, through a couple of tweets, Nidhi clarified that the Congress party doesn’t approve to the kind of language and tried to remind Divya Spandana of her position and responsibilities.

This actually triggered a full-fledged public argument between Nidhi Razdan and Divya Spandana, which consisted of circuses, monkeys, advises of a Kashmir trip and claims of having a real job.

A few weeks ago, Divya Spandana removed her designating as IT Cell head of the Congress party from her twitter bio, leading up to speculations. Now her indulging in arguments with journalists who seem to share a better relation with the Congress than their political arch-rivals BJP, may just be an indication that all is not well within the Congress circle.