DMK IT-wing deputy secretary caught spreading fake news, clarifies later

In a tweet that was later deleted, the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam’s (DMK) IT-wing deputy secretary, Isai had claimed that high artillery tanks have been brought in Salem city of Tamil Nadu to create unrest before 2019 elections. The tweet was made on Sunday night.

When we tried to check the authenticity of the claim, we found that a tank has indeed been brought at Salem. However the tank that was brought was used in 1971 Indo-Pak war. The tank has been brought for exhibition purposes and not to create any kind of unrest in the state. It will be placed at Salem collectorate.

Several local print and electronic media houses of Tamil Nadu also reported about the actual purpose of the tank. Many people using twitter and other social media outlets, pointed out the misinformation that was being spread by Isai’s tweet.

Though this morning, Isai deleted his previous tweet and clarified the actual purpose behind these tanks. But still he did not bother to issue an apology for spreading an outright false news using his position in the IT wing of one of south India’s largest political parties.

Social Media is an extremely powerful tool, which when used in a right manner can bring revolutions in the society. However it’s misuse can cause great disasters as-well. Not too long ago, two bright youngsters were lynched to death in Assam over rumors that were circulated on social media. And that is just an example. Everyone knows how dangerous the rumors spread on social media can turn out to be.

The allegation that tanks are being deployed to create unrest in Tamil Nadu is an extremely serious and dangerous one. The tweet itself could have caused an unrest in the Salem city that night, thank goodness something of that sort didn’t happen.

The question persists, can Isai who is deputy secretary of DMK IT-wing, get away with just a clarification after making such baseless allegations? Are the IT-wings of different political party’s only meant to spread fake news and rumors these days?