DMK Working President Stalin mocked by BJP supporters in Twitter

DMK Working President Stalin was mocked in Twitter yesterday by trending of the hashtag “#GobackStalin” as he was scheduled to return from London after his trip. This was apparently done by BJP supporters in Tamil Nadu in response to DMK’s negative trends against Prime Minister Modi and BJP President Amit Shah.

DMK supporters have trended “#GoBackModi” when he came to inaugurate defence expo in Chennai few months back and similarly trends of “#GoBackAmitShah” trended when he came to address the BJP party workers of Tamil Nadu.

This unexpected move caught the DMK supporters unaware as it entered into the national trends. Few twitter users had complained that twitter had removed the autofill for the trend “#GoBackStalin” which was apparently restored later.

DMK IT Cell, in an apparent bid, tried to neutralize the damage by trending a tag “#Welcomestalin” to rectify the damage done by the attack launched on their leader Stalin. They even went ahead to accuse the BJP of creating paid trend “#GoBackStalin”.

Let’s see some of the tweets containing the tag “#GoBackStalin”.

Few twitter users suggested that this #GoBackStalin was trended by BJP supporters and had very little or no help from the BJP IT wing.

Translation of the above tweet:

“Don’t know the date of independence day and republic day (Stalin in a speech mentioned the republic day incorrectly as January 25th, then changed it to another wrong date December 26th. He also mentioned January 15th as independence day in the same speech. His speech at that time was mocked now.)

Don’t know the Tamil proverb (Stalin wrongly spoke a Tamil proverb)

Don’t know the name of the girl died after failing in NEET

Don’t know to work for people

Don’t know to implement good projects

Do you want to become the Chief Minister of the state?”

This trend had jolted the entire DMK party and its allies as the leader of one of the most dominant Dravidian party in Tamil Nadu was apparently getting mocked by common people. This showcased the decline or disconnect of DMK with the people of Tamil Nadu. This also indicated the increase in number of the right wing supporters in Tamil Nadu as well.