It took 45 years of struggle for the Hindu Organizations in Tamil Nadu to overturn the DMK Government’s act of amending the Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Act (HR & CE) in order to re-establish the age old practice of appointing of temple priests as per the Agamas. Well the DMK’s argument as predictably was that the selection of priests as per Agamas was a mark of the Brahmin Domination, completely hiding the fact that this tradition of selecting priests was restricted only to selected Brahmin clans, while Brahmins who are not part of the same clan are considered ineligible to become priests. The simple reason for following this practice is to ideally pass on the knowledge from one generation to another and it has nothing to do with the caste system. In truth, Tamil Nadu is a state with an ocean of temples and even to this day, you can find countless temples all over the state with Non-Brahmins who run the show as the main priests but that will probably not serve the purpose here.

So we must wonder, why was it so essential for Dravidian Parties to tackle this issue head on via courts but they are found to be toothless when it comes to taking up the atrocities faced by Dalit Christians in Tamil Nadu. If we concentrate on caste as the major enemy here, then we need to wonder why 80% Dalits of Tamil Nadu face harsh retributions in the average Christian society and why did they escape from Hinduism just to be entangled in the same mess all over again ? Unfortunately the so called Dravidians and Rationalists of this country use the door steps of the courts just to inflict wounds upon Hindu practices, there by ensuring their vote bank is intact and to serve their masters of the west.

The next legal battle which has been fought from 1990s is now to question as to why female devotees aged between 10-50 are not allowed in Sabarimala and Justice Dipak Misra made some keen observations as to “Why can you not let a woman enter? On what basis are you prohibiting women entry ? What is your logic? Women may or may not want to go (to worship at Sabarimala), but that is her personal choice”.  Well the reply as expected from Travancore Devaswom Board was firstly based on the fact that it was a first 1500 year old practice of not allowing women in Sanctum, for which again the Courts have again asked proof and secondly Lord Ayyappa being a celibate and the presence of menstruating women might disturb the main deity which will be ridiculed by our comrades as mindless Hindu beliefs. India is a Nation of beliefs but funnily it is only the Hindu beliefs which require the approval of courts while others religious beliefs are sanitized with secularism.

Now this has been turned into a battleground for feminists who are ensuring that no stone is left un-turned in this legal fight. Though our female comrades will choose to ignore any acts of atrocities in other religions, they will hold on to this ban of entry into Sabarimala as a denial of their constitutional right. The commie background of Kerala, is a state which houses a Muslim population of 25.56 % (as per the stats in 2015) which still practices the art of TRIPLE TALAQ so much so that recently a 21 year old bride was Whatsapped the triple talaq, just within 10 days of marriage from her NRI husband in Dubai. In a survey conducted by NGO Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA) across 10 states, quotes that 92 % of Muslim women want the Oral Talaq system abolished but unfortunately it took 12 days for the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) to refute this survey saying that it cannot make any such changes to the existing system. With such acute reforms to be implemented in the Muslim community, one can only ask our comrades, WHERE ART THOU feminists?

Now finally coming to the age old sport of Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu, the animal rights activists have literally grabbed the bull by its horns in a last minute SC order to encounter the executive order placed by the BJP Central Government (Funnily this reminds us of the midnight drama bail plea submitted by our social activists for the terrorist Yakub Memon). This ban was implemented by UPA government in 2011 citing references to Animal Cruelty to the bull but unfortunately every year during BAKRID an exponentially high number of bulls have been massacred in the name of religion. In-fact in many places, milch cows and calves have been killed during Bakrid even though it has been considered as an act which violates the Indian constitution.

If Jallikattu is considered as animal cruelty then we need to understand as to why in many villages of Tamil Nadu, they specifically grow bulls of certain breed (Kangeyan & Nattu ) which are primarily used for agriculture, mating and sports. Since tractors are fast replacing bulls, the primary use of such bulls have reduced and with the ban of this Jallikattu, the last resort for the farmer is to sell the bull to a slaughter house. We must understand the pain a farmer has to go through if he is willing to sell the cattle to a slaughter house in-spite of the attachment he must have developed towards the bull while raising it.

All these legal battles do make us wonder, why such acts of shadow boxing happens against Hinduism and its culture in spite of its rich science and centuries of old practice behind every such tradition. Every time a question is raised, the average Hindu instantaneously accepts that something is wrong with his religion and beliefs even without thinking twice. There are many religious issues in a diverse Nation like India which needs immediate attention but rationalists have their eye set on the Golden Goose of wealth sitting inside the temples of India. By attacking and demeaning the tradition and culture, their only aim is to slowly erode us of all the Hindu practices and creating an instability in our minds.

Agreeably it is the democratic right of every citizen to approach the Courts of this Nation to question the practices of a certain section of society but the ambit of these challenges is still curtailed to Hinduism alone. Bringing the Uniform Civil Code and ensuring that these challenges against religious practices are approached from a wider scope is the need of the hour that ensures that Hindus are not taken for a ride in the name of law and Judicial scrutiny.