A lot of time when questions has been raised on meat ban to stop killing of animals for food source the meat eaters bounce back with question then even vegetarian food should be banned as plants also have senses and are killed.

Yes the first part is true that plant have senses but the part two that plants are killed is false. There are many scientific examples to prove that the senses shown by the plants are less than the animals and they fall lower in food chain.

 However in a life death logic:

 Fruits are one of the foods consumed by vegetarians.  However what is a fruit. It’s basically a product of the plant on which it grows. The point to be noted here is that a fruit is not plucked from the plant till the time its not ripen.   Now after a fruits gets ripen if it’s not plucked then the tree detaches it from itself. This means that the stem which connects the fruit with the tree dries up as it stops taking nutrition from the tree. This means that the ripen state of fruit is equal to the loss of life cells in the fruit, which is the reason it stops taking nutrition from tree.

Now in case of Vegetables and Rice/Wheat etc, a farmer sows the seed in the field and keeps watering it till the time the said product is not produced by the plant grown by the farmer.  After a certain period the farmer stops giving water to the plants as any further water will start the process of plant getting rotten.  Why a plant will get rotten if it has grown in water.  The reason is simple it stops taking nutrition with the water from soil.  Because of this the water given is not used and anything under a prolonged time in water gets rotten.

We all know every living organism need food to live.  But a fruit or plant stops taking food which implies that the life cells in then are no more active and only after this their caretaker use then as food source.

So its wrong to say that Vegetarians kill plants to obtain food.  What they do is use the product given by trees and plants as food which is no more alive.

This is the reason I request government to put ban on all types of slaughter and only allow animals as meat which died a natural death.  After all Non-Vegetarians have option of eating Egg which is a non living entity till the time hen does not hatches it.