Do You Know what is National Herald Case? Subramanian Swamy explains it in this Video

There is a lot of information as well as Misinformation flowing on what exactly is National Herald Case. Yesterday, court quashed petition by Sonia and Rahul Gandhi and they are made to appear today in Patiala court. The entire case was monitored personally by Dr Subramanian Swamy. Here is the link to read and know about verdict of 7th Dec 2015

Another BIG VICTORY for Dr Subramanian Swamy in National Herald Case. BIGGEST UPSET For Sonia, Rahul

Now, all you want to know about what is National Herald Case all about. Dr Subramanian Swamy in his AAP KI ADALAT explains this beautifully in his discussion with Rajat Sharma. Here is the full Video of the same.

For deeper Insight you may also watch this Video:

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