Doctor says West Bengal Government websites showing incorrect and inflated figures about availability of beds in Covid-19 hospitals

A doctor belonging to the Sagore Dutta medical college and hospital in Kolkata has come out to make startling allegations against the State Government. According to Dr. Gumta, the figures about availability of beds being shown on State government websites are not only factually incorrect but also highly inflated.

When asked about why the patients are not being admitted in Sagore Dutta hospital despite Government websites claiming 417-420 odd beds to be available, Dr. Gumta responded saying that in reality the facility is running with merely 80 beds at disposal.

He further revealed that the hospital lacks a critical care unit as well.

The video clip of the news program in which Dr.
Gumta made the shocking revelation was shared on twitter by BJP national secretary Sunil Deodhar.

“Doctors are coming forward to expose the fake and misleading Corona bulletin released by Bengal Govt. Mamata Govt is lying to the people about the health infrastructural and cases in the state,” Deodhar tweeted along with the video clip.