We Don’t Need The Stench Of Vedas

The veda-pathashala at Boduppal

Three years ago, Srivenkateshvaravidyaranya Vedavidyalayam, a veda-pathasala was established at Boduppal in Hyderabad by Shri Shashibhushan Sharma (President) and Shri K. Sitarama Ghanapathi (Vice-president). It is one of the most promising pathasalas in the state of Telengana. It functions with the assistance of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) and donors based in the state of Telengana. Currently, with 32 students, the pathasala functions from a rented one-storeyed building. The pathasala is set to celebrate its 3rd anniversary on December 3rd 2017 and hence, the organizers booked a Ganesh Mandapa situated in RNS Colony (where the pathashala is located).

The threats to relocate

A certain Mr. Bommaku Murali (Chairman of RNS Colony and the producer of the film Sharanam Gachhaami) contacted the president of the pathasala, Shri Shashibhushan Sharma (a somayaji), on the 23rd of November and demanded to shut the pathashala down or relocate at the earliest. Mr. Murali claimed that it was causing sound pollution and disturbed the sleep of the residents of the locality. Shri Sharma politely replied that it would take some time to relocate 32 students. The conversation ended there.

The next day, again in a telephonic conversation, Mr. Murali threatened and verbally abused Shri Sharma. He gave an ultimatum of 2 days to vacate the premises. Shri Sharma patiently replied and tried to reason that it would be difficult to relocate the 32 young students (ages 7-16) at such short notice. This is when Mr. Murali, not knowing how to reply in a decent manner, responded by asking him to take the children into the river (“aetloki”). During the course of the conversation, Mr. Murali even went on to question the need of teaching the Vedas in the modern day. In a fit of rage, he even went on to shout that “…we don’t need the stench of Vedas…”

FIR filed

Mr. Murali, unqualified in any form of sanatana dharma, behaved in an undignified and uncivilized manner so unbecoming of someone of his reputation as a film producer and stature as a chairman of a residential colony. Recordings of two such threatening telephonic conversations were submitted as evidence and an FIR was registered against Mr. Murali at the Medipally police station.

Rally in solidarity

A rally was held at Boduppal in solidarity to support the unity of Hindus. Around 500 individuals gathered peacefully and walked from the local temple upto the pathashala. It was unanimously decided that the pathashala will not be relocated.

MO of criminal elements

However, social media, being the sharpest tool with the most far reaching consequences in the modern hyper-connected world, was used by those with vested interests by twisting the news to sound as though Mr. Murali was the one abused. The following message (originally in Telugu) was spreading in some Whatsapp groups:

“//Chalo Boduppal.. RNS Colony//

Stepping into the world of Cinema, Mr. Bommaku Murali is a unique man who produced the movie “Sharanam gachhaami”

Today, Approximately 2000 brahmins, RSS, (and) Vishwa Hindu Parishad Goondas tried to attack his house in Boduppal. Citing the excuse that he Spoke wrong Regarding a Vedapathashala issue in that place, the Brahmins organized the Boduppal dharna under the supervision of 2000 brahmins.

This Government does not even mind the anarchy casued by this many Hindutva forces which was invited through Facebook…

O Dalit children!

Come, let us go to Boduppal…

Chalo Boduppal… Let us all announce the date soon.

With Jai Bhims,

Shyam Kola”

This message was followed later by this:

“O RSS Goondas…!

If you try to disturb Bommaku Murali, producer of Sharanam Gacchaami, we will cut your pilakas (shikhas)

Chalo Boduppal R.N.S. Colony under the supervision of Samatha Sainika Dal and Dalit associations on December 3rd

Some thoughts

This is not an isolated case of such un-parliamentary behavior towards vedapathashalas. Awareness regarding this must be made. If the caretakers of Dharma themselves are systematically destroyed in this manner, the damage done to vilify the glory of Bharath will be irreparable!