Double standards of BJP : Mumbai BJP President promoting evangelist program

Everyday one would come across hundreds of facebook posts and what’s app messages from BJP online activists about how the Hindus are in danger in West Bengal, Kerala, Northeastern states. In a nutshell the message behind all those propaganda is that Hindus are not safe in any state which is not ruled by the BJP. Personally I have no problem with the propaganda because there was a time when communist party used propagate that anyone who is not a cadre of their party is an enemy of the poor.

Propaganda plays a huge part in politics, the BJP just happens to be best at it currently. Propaganda doesn’t mean spreading wrong information but it means spreading selective biased information favoring a particular side. While things like Love Jihad, religious conversions by missionaries and minority appeasement under the garb of secularism are real issues the BJP propaganda is highlighting those issues only from non-bjp ruled states. The BJP online cells are trying to create an idea that by electing BJP to power, a state suddenly turns into an utopia for the Hindus and all those things mentioned above goes away instantly and permanently.

The BJP and its activists often raise the issue of Christian evangelism in Kerala and Northeastern states while people in their own government in Maharashtra are supporting the same. Before going into detail I would like to make the meaning of evangelist clear for those who might not know. An evangelist is a person who seeks to convert people of other faith into Christianity.

Recently Amruta Fadnavis the wife of Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, launched a campaign called ‘Be a santa’. Campaigns such as be a Santa are nothing but soft-evangelism. These campaigns Christianize the youth and creates an idea among them that Christianity is equal to modernity. These kind of Christianized youth later becomes the easiest target for evangelists like Acharya Vikas Massey.

There is a reason I took the name of this particular evangelist. Acharya Vikas Massey the evangelist is well known for converting Hindus into Christianity. According to the 8th May 2016 edition of christian newspaper The gospel truth, Massey converted many Hindus in New Zealand. The September 13th 2016 edition of the same newspaper talks about how he converted a staunch Hindu couple into Christianity.

The evangelist is now organizing an event on 17th December called Prabhu Yeshu Janmotsav. The irony is that the President of Mumbai BJP is actually promoting the event. Ashish Shelar the MLA from Bandra West and Mumbai BJP President invited people to join the program through his Twitter.

At one hand when other organizations of the Sangh parivar (RSS family of organizations) such as Vishwa Hindu Parishad are carrying out Ghar Wapsi (reversion to Hinduism) campaigns, the BJP is promoting evangelist programs.
Who will be responsible if the evangelist successfully converts a good number of Hindus into Christianity from the program on Sunday? Will the BJP then wait for VHP activists run down and revert those people again back to Hinduism?

I have 5 questions for the BJP and its supporters.

1- Does the BJP being a Hindutva party, supports this event?

2- If not then why are they not taking any step against their Mumbai president?

3- Will the BJP take responsibility if the evangelist converts people into Christianity on 17th?

4- Is BJP no more a Hindutva party?

5- What moral right do the BJP and its supporters have to criticize the governments of other states on the issue of appeasement when such things are happening in their own states?

BJP is clearly trying to make a secular image of itself (remember secular in India means anti majority) to appeal a greater number of voters. But as far as my understanding goes this will hurt them. The majority of the minority would never support a pa