Double standards of Tamil Nadu Politicians and Tamil Media houses on the Cauvery issue

Two months back, the Cauvery issue was at its peak in Tamil Nadu. Protests happened throughout the state demanding the formation of a Cauvery Management Board. These protests were not the protests of people but were done by various political outfits and fringe groups. The issue was exaggerated and the protests were boasted by several media portals and in the social media.

Public life was disturbed as political outfits went to the extent of carrying out protests in places like railway stations. IPL matches were moved out of the state quoting this issue, public were attacked, police officials were attacked and shoes were thrown inside the cricket stadium on international players by Tamil radical groups and political parties like Naam Tamilar Katchi.

But all these attacks are targeted on only on the central government and state government. State government of Karnataka headed by Siddaramiah at that time was not targeted even though they did not want any scheme to be structured in favour of Tamil Nadu.

Times changed, Central government framed the scheme and named it as Cauvery management authority. Every suggestion of Tamil Nadu was accepted except the name change. Suggestions of Kerala and Karnataka were rejected and this was more than enough to say that the scheme was in favour of Tamil Nadu than the other states. When this authority was formed, every Tamil political and media outfits went silent. The groups which carried protests throughout the state, the media which gave full coverage to the protests behaved as if nothing had happened and went tight-lipped when the authority was formed.

Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy, who had opposed the Cauvery disputes tribunal award in his election manifesto few months back, which is against the interests of Tamil Nadu. Tamil politicians openly demonstrated their hypocrisy by welcoming HD Kumaraswamy as the Chief Minister of Karnataka even after knowing that HD Kumaraswamy opposed the Cauvery disputes tribunal award.

Actor turned politician Kamal Haasan even went to the extend of discussing the issue of Cauvery with HD Kumaraswamy and said that they are moving towards a solution. This  pointless meeting was apparently well covered by certain Media portals as well.

When a solution was given by the Supreme Court, what is the purpose of dialogue by Kamal Haasan? It also should be remembered that Kamal Haasan is not a representative of the Tamil Nadu government. What Tamil Nadu need is that the solution given by the Supreme court, should be implemented properly and in this case, Kamal Haasan suggesting that he is moving towards a solution shows us that his actions are just a political stunt.

Mannargudi S Ranganathan, the general secretary of the Tamil Nadu Cauvery Delta Farmers Welfare Association questioned the need of Kamal Haasan to meet the CM of Karnataka, when the Cauvery management authority was formed after years of legal battle. It also should be noted that Mannargudi S Ranganathan, who criticized Kamal Haasan was the first to start the present legal battle by filing a petition in court during 1980s and he is part of this Cauvery battle for past three decades. Such a tall person showing displeasure towards the action of Kamal Haasan shows us the fallaciousness of Kamal Haasan.

Cauvery management authority ordered the state government to appoint their representatives for the authority. The states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and the Union Territory of Puducherry appointed their representatives but Karnataka government led by HD Kumaraswamy didn’t do so. The deadline to appoint the representatives was 12th of June and unfortunately Karnataka government failed to keep up with the deadline.

The shocking aspect of this is that none of the politicians and media outfits are condemning the Karnataka government for making this delay. Kamal Haasan who told that Kumaraswamy is cooperating to solve the issue is silent on Kumaraswamy not appointing the representatives. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Edapaadi Palanisamy had also mocked M.K.Stalin that why can’t he go and ask his friend HD Kumaraswamy to appoint the representatives.

The media acted as the photocopy of the politicians. Tamil media was extremely outrageous on Central government few months back but ironically they are inaudible on the present actions of Karnataka government. All of the above sums up the double standards in the Cauvery issue. The political and media groups which showed their extreme outrage on central government few months back showed their alternative shade of silence on the present Karnataka government.

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