Why do Dravidian parties hate Brahmins?

They lack proper education that is why!

Today, we witnessed a wicked incident, which is a repeat of history. The sacred threads of the passerby folk – severed, their tuft of hair- cut, slogans shouted against Hinduism and Brahmins. Did they do any harm? One can answer this as a definite NO. This seems to be a retaliation to the statue of a one EVR allegedly vandalised in Thirupattur, 250 KMS away from Triplicane, Chennai!

This seems to be a retaliation for the demolition of the figure, which sponsored ‘Red Terror’ – Vladimir Lenin. Soon after this, an admin of H Raja’s (TN BJP cadre) social media pages let out a statement, which was his opinion that the statues of EVR will meet the same fate.
Soon after this, it was the media frenzy! H Raja was bewildered, took immediate corrective action, and assured the people that the opinion shared on the social media pages was not his.

Are Brahmins a threat? Are Brahmins not Tamilians? Brahmins have been an integral part of this land. The original Bharatavarsha comprised of the Dravidian landmass too. The root of this problem lies in the spurious history lessons. The famous ‘Aryan Invasion Theory!’
The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad says that the above theory is a sham. The conclusion was arrived after testing millions of genetic samples.
However, this will not be publicised! As this will destroy the vote banks of many political parties and they would never self-inflict this upon themselves.

Again, this whole idea of ‘Anti-Brahmins’ was instituted by EVR in 1935 when he realised the market potential of the same. Since then, cooked up stories of Brahmins would be the centrepiece of his speeches.

My grandfather was a victim to one of his speeches. He was travelling home on his cycle from his work when EVR said, “If you spot a snake and a Brahmin kill the Brahmin first. The snake has venom only on its fangs, but the Brahmin’s body is full of venom” The moment he completed this sentence, he suffixed by saying “there goes a Brahmin”. My grandfather was hit instantly by the mob. He survived that ordeal.

Such are the goons of EVR and his ilk. Brahmins are never a threat. In fact, they are the ones who made sure the Vedas survived. They have preserved many ancient pieces of literature, which are of scientific, poetic, medical and political in nature.

Shouldn’t such a community, which continues to do the same, be protected?