Dubai Police Chief Compares ‘Disciplined’ Indians to ‘Criminal’ Pakistanis

Slamming Pakistanis for their criminal behaviour, the Head of General Security in Dubai Dhahi Khalfan, compared them to “disciplined” Indians. In a tweet he asked: “Why Indians are disciplined? While idleness, criminality and smuggling in the Pakistani community are rampant.”

The Dubai security chief targetted Pakistanis and he said that Pakistanis in Dubai posed a serious threat to the Gulf communities for the drugs they bring with them to their countries. The tweets came against the backdrop of a drug racket that was recently busted in Dubai. To establish his point, the security chief put out a photo of three allegedly Pakistani smugglers along with the drugs that were recovered from them.

The security chief, who has 2.66 million followers on his verified account, is acclaimed for his controversial remarks and generalised the situation by urging companies based in the UAE to refrain from employing Pakistani nationals.

Since 2014, the Narendra Modi led Govt has succeeded in isolating Pakistan on a global scale for its failure in cracking down against the terrorism infrastructure that is believed to be thriving with state sanction in Pakistan. The failure to crackdown against terror modules has led to Pakistanis involving a less than favourable impression and with a near consensus on Pakistan being perceived as a state sponsor of terror, the ordinary Pakistanis face the brunt of an increasingly suspicious machinery.