Edwina Mountbatten’s grandson’s says Jawaharlal Nehru was impotent

British author Ashley Hicks, Grandson of Lord and Lady Mountbatten, has made stunning revelations about her grandmother’s affair with independent India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru.

In an excerpt, Hicks reveals that his grandmother and Nehru did have a platonic love affair but didn’t have sex because Nehru was impotent.

He writes “My family has a long relationship with India and when my grandfather went there in 1921 with the Prince of Wales, my grandmother Edwina(who was dead by the time this photo was taken) bought herself a ticket to Delhi, aged 20, which is fairly brave.

The Prince of Wales even lent them his room to have a drink in so my grandfather could propose.

They returned to India in March 1947, when Mountbatten became Viceroy. It was the great dramatic event of my mother’s life and she was unique among any Viceroy’s children in that she saw some Indian culture.

They had Indian food in the Viceroy’s house for the first time and my grandmother insisted on at least half the guests at meals being Indian.

Prime Minister Nehru was my grandmother’s great friend – they had a platonic love affair. Nehru’s sister told me that it was impossible that he and my grandmother could have had sex because  he was impotent – and had been for years.

I think that is probably true, but they had this intense, romantic feeling for each other.” as quoted by The Telegraph.

Hicks comments on Nehru’s love affair reignites decades old date about his affair with Lady Mountbatten.