Either change thinking or be ready to get divided into pieces: Rajnath Singh warns Pakistan with ‘utter politeness’

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday gave a stern warning to Pakistan with ‘utter politeness,’ saying Islamabad should change its direction of thinking or the neighbouring country could end up being divided into ‘several parts.’

“Today with utter politeness, I want to give a suggestion to Pakistan that they must change the way they think and the direction of their thinking. Else Pakistan that was divided into two parts earlier will now be divided into several parts,” said Singh while addressing an election rally here.

The Defence Minister was on a visit to poll-bound Haryana ahead of the Assembly elections slated to be held on October 21.
Earlier addressing a rally at Sonipat, Rajnath cautioned Pakistan over its stance on terrorism and urged the neighbouring country to maintain brotherhood in the region.

“I would like to suggest Pakistan work honestly, eliminate terrorism and maintain brotherhood. We are neighbours and we want to walk together. If you don’t fight terrorism honestly, I clearly state that India has the ability to fight fundamentalist forces,” he said.

During a rally in Karnal, Rajnath gave a piece of advice to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying that India is ready to assist Pakistan if the neighbouring country is serious enough to combat terror on its soil. He also said that India will send its armed forces to Pakistan in this regard if the need arises.

“I would like to give a suggestion to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. If you are serious enough to fight against terror, we are ready to assist you. If you want our Army, then we will send them there for your help,” Rajnath said while addressing the gathering.

At the same time, the Defence Minister also slammed Khan for his stand on Kashmir.
“I was listening to Imran Khan’s speech where he had said that till Kashmir gets freedom, we will continue our fight for it. He also said that his country will continue to raise the Kashmir issue at international forums. Forget about Kashmir. Don’t even think about it. Raise the matter, nothing will happen. No one can exert pressure on us,” said Singh.