Ekta And Imtiaz Come Together For Laila Majnu


It was a big surprise on the Valentine’s Day. Producer Ekta Kapoor announced that she is joining hands with the very talented Imtiaz Ali for a tale of romance and passion. The title of the film is Laila Majnu.

Ekta Kapoor took social media by storm with the announcement. Nothing was revealed about Laila Majnu except for an image featuring the two, Ekta and Imtiaz, together. The only detail known so far is that Laila Majnu would be a modern retelling of the classic tale and that it would be penned by the master of love and pain of current generation, Imtiaz Ali. It is their first-time collaboration in any capacity.

Sajid Ali will be the director of the project. The other primary cast and crew of Laila Majnu would be known soon. It is slated to release worldwide on May 4.