End of a Saga : Clarke and Sangakkara Retire :- Their life above cricketing stats

Clarke and Sanga

The career of two classical batsmen who were nightmare for bowlers has now come to an end. Kumar Chokshanada Sangakkara and Michael John Clarke, two legends of the cricketing world who need no introduction.This article is not about how much they scored but is about how they played.

Kumar Sangakkara:

A young boy who always remained under the pressure of studies by his mother but had been destined to do something else. 22 year old law student Sangakkara made his debut on 20 July 2000 against the mighty South African side. Who knew that this young left hander would one day turn up to be the second highest run scorer in ODI cricket after Sachin and would be regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

Sangakkara at his best

His classy strokes, cover drives, his technique made everyone applaud and his gesture towards the opponents made the world respect him.Not only as a player but as a captain too he has proved his mettle by taking the Sri Lankan side into the World Cup Final.He has proved to be an idol for wicket-keepers around the world. The world admires his true friendship with his fellow team mate Mahela Jayawardene.

Mahela and Sanga
Not only a cricketing legend but a great human too. Sanga is a part of numerous charities and has been creating an awareness about deadly diseases such as HIV and AIDS by being a part of many UNICEF programs.He also holds partnership with his cricketing colleague Mutthai Murlidharan in a charity named Foundation of Goodness.

Sangakkara Retires


Michael Clarke: 

Michael Clarke

The man who took the burden of the Australian team after the retirement of his legendary team mates Warne, Ponting, Lee, Gilchrist,and Mcgrath and took the young Australian team to lift several ICC trophies,bilateral series wins  and a 5-0 win against England in the Ashes.

Young Michael Clarke

But see the game of destiny even in his last series, ups,and downs followed him just like it happened throughout the career and Australia in his last series lost the Ashes by 3-2 to England.

Clarke has always remained under media pressure throughout his career but he has always proved the critics wrong by making a strong comeback whether it was his chronic back injury or the Ashes defeat in 2013 or the 4-0 whitewash against India.

Michael Clarke holding the World Cup

Clarke has always been regarded as a great player of Spin and is considered as one of the greatest Australian batsman. He has  been named the Wisden leading Cricketer of the year for 2012 and 2013 respectively.

The world saw him breaking down and crying after the death of his team mate and close friend Phillip Hughes and Michael Clarke payed the best possible tribute to Hughes by winning the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

Sadly and remorsefully our Indian Media is busy in giving priority to useless sports issues such as Team India Politics rather than paying a tribute to these cricketing legends.