An Entrepreneur with No Political Inclinations is in all Praises on GOI for this Reason

We easily brand people, if they praise the government as #Bhakt. If he criticizes the Government, many blame him as #Aaptard, #Congie or sometimes even to an extend, some insensitive people call him/her anti national.

But here is an example from an Entrepreneur named Ketan Paithankar from Nagpur, who is praising current government and because of above mentioned branding, he clearly states a disclaimer that he does not have any political inclinations.

Here is what he says.

He had raised an ticket notifying GOI about a Software Bug in their Website 29th july 2016 12:56 am. We know that its 5 months delayed but he got a call from GOI confirming if it was him, who raised this ticket and confirmed him about its resolution. Even asked him to Test and confirm if the defect is indeed fixed.


Have we experiences such positive things in earlier ruled Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi Government? Yes, India is in safe hands and changing for good.

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