Epic Trolling Of Arvind Kejriwal by Tarek Fatah!! You Will Die Laughing Watching This Video

In this Video, Canadian columnist of Pakistani Origin Tarek Fatah can be seen hailing PM Narendra Modi for standing against Pakistan.

Also, in the video, Tarek Fatah called Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal ‘fool, idiot’ for opposing demonetisation move by PM Narendra Modi. This is what he quotes.

“I can understand that Mamata Banerjee is opposing demonetisation move by PM Narendra Modi but how can Arvind Kejriwal oppose it,” Tarek Fatah wondered.

“Kejriwal comes from revenue services background, I don’t understand why he is opposing the demonetisation move,” Fatah added.

Fatah also called Omar Abdullah ‘pappu’.

Here is the VIDEO of Tarek Fatah’s viral speech:-





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