Europe should crackdown on China, says EU Parliamentarian

Holding China responsible for the coronavirus outbreak and conducting unfair trade practices with those nations who come up with a demand of independent investigation, a European Parliamentarian, Tom Vandendriessche, has called for levying a ‘corona tax’ on Chinese imports.

Vandendriessche, from Belgium, told the European Parliament, “Just as in Chernobyl (nuclear disaster), a communist regime first tried to hide the truth about the coronavirus, then it tried to deny its responsibility and finally tried to dodge its liability. Furthermore, this has shown how dependent we have become from China.”

“European countries nearly had to beg for the necessary protective gear. 30 years ago, globalisation has made China the second-largest economy in the world, a position that required through unfair competition, dumping practices, market manipulation and above all because of the gullibility of Western politicians. The trade deficit between the EU and China already amount to 164 billion euros,” said the MEP.

He added, “Apart from being dependent, we also risk to become economically colonised and eventually, politically dominated by a communist dictatorship. We have to review our relationship with China.”

Vandendriessche demanded that strategic sectors and infrastructure need to be protected against hostile Chinese takeovers and infiltrations.

He said, “We have to abandon the naivety towards China and re-industrialise Europe. Foremost, after the migration and financial crises, we cannot put burden on our citizens. Defend our jobs and our companies. Levy a ‘corona tax’ for Chinese imports!”

First originated in China’s Wuhan city, the coronavirus or COVID-19 has affected 213 countries and territories around the world.
Some 4.89 million people are affected by the deadly virus, whereas the global economy remains in shambles due to lockdown imposed by several countries.