Even after being beaten up by Rohingya Refugees, why are the Media so silent?

India is the only country which welcomes its attackers and invaders with open arms and hearts, only to be stabbed later by them. How come India is not ready to learn from its history? After greeting Muslim invaders and British rulers, India blundered to embrace Rohingya Muslims who fled to India after butchering Hindus in Myanmar. Now Rohingya Muslims have started showing their true poisonous color.

Rohingya Muslims attacked 5 journalists at Bhatindi in Jammu on March 13, when these five media men went to find out how the illegal immigrants can have their own SIM card. Journalists of Republic TV were walking through area when two refugees got down from a vehicle and started assaulting them. Incidents of Rohingya refugees attacking locals were reported earlier also.


Fali S Nariman, Prashant Bhushan, Kapil Sibal, Rajeev Dhavan, Ashwini Kumar and Colin Gonsalves, these so called advocates of human rights, had filed the plea on behalf of the two Rohingya refugees–Salimullah and Shaqir–in the Supreme Court. These highly qualified advocates argued that refugees can’t be expelled if they face certain death or torture back home.

Dear Human Right Advocates and Judges, kindly visit those areas where these diseases are germinating. Instead of burdening India with these refugees, why don’t you accommodate at least five or ten immigrants at your own home respectively? Why don’t you practice what you are preaching?

Dear Media Men, you shouted at rooftop to brand India as ‘an intolerant country’ when Akhlaq was killed in Dadri in UP in 2015. Now, you people are getting beaten up by immigrant Muslims. Why no campaign for intolerance? Looks like you are enjoying yourself being assaulted by illegal Muslim immigrants?

Article 370 doesn’t permit rest of Indians to be settled in Jammu & Kashmir. How can these illegal immigrants be settled there?

A Rohingya Camp nearby led to attack on Army Base In Jammu on Feb 10, 2018. Speaker of the Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly Kavinder Gupta said that the attack was caused due to the presence of an illegal Rohingya refugee camp in the vicinity

Tiny Myanmar dealt with iron hands when they saw Muslims were out-breeding the Buddhists with the aim of making Myanmar a Muslim country. Even Sri Lanka has ability to throw such potential danger, but mighty India is helplessly getting attacked by these imported threats. When would India wake up to reality and learn from its history?