Coincidence? How Is Every Lutyen Journalist’s Maid, Carpenter And Watchman Suddenly Falling Sick?

NDTV Presstitute Journo Tried To Defame Modi Gov On Note Ban; Got Awesomely THRASHED In Reply

Since PM Modi has made a big decision on black money by Banning the 500Rs and 1000 Rs Notes, A lot of Pro Congress Journalists are coming up with tweets that their maids and other servants are pretty ill and are having trouble in getting treatment by depositing cash in hospitals.

This is being clearly seen with an eye of suspicion by a lot of twitter users and people are terming it as an attempt to defame the narendra modi government.

Now lets have a look at what NDTV journo Sonia Singh had tweeted:

And here’s How she got an awesome reply by a twitter user: