The Exact Video Footage, Which resulted in 1 Day Ban on NDTV-Video

There is no doubt that NDTV goes in an extra mile to show details on terror attacks, which they claim accidentally helps terrorists. The same was done during 26/11 attacks in Mumbai and was also admitted by NDTV Journalist Barkha Dutt. She casually said that Government should warn her about doing this and she will stop. But this never happened. Be it any terror attack, NDTV was always there to cover sensitive details.

Recently, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting issued one day ban on 9th Nov(24 hrs ban) on NDTV Hindi. NDTV has challenged the government and also threatened to go legal on the same. There are various acts of NDTV and Barkha Dutt floating over the internet but below was the Video, which has brought in 1 day ban for NDTV.

The content was aired on NDTV India on 4th January 2016, from 12:25:45 hours to 12:31:25 hours while anti-terror ops were still underway at Pathankot.The correspondent revealed that 2 terrorists were nearby, and could have gone to an airport nearby, or to the 2nd army base. Thus, they (the army) want to scan the entire area bit by bit, with full precautions, only then will the operations be declared as over. He also states that there are lot of ammunition like Rocket Launchers and automatic guns inside that and Indian Soldiers are worried about terrorist reaching there.

Other news channels did not show this information or showed it after telecasted by NDTV, still not on full, but in bits and pieces so that sensitive information is not leaked.

Below is the Video of the same

Do you think, a responsible media house, which believes in safety of country, its armed forces, air force and citizens should air such a Video to benefit terrorists even unknowingly?

This received severe criticism from one of the retired colonel of Indian Army, who tweeted with all blunders done by NDTV that day.

A Retired Army Colonel exposes how NDTV is helping the terrorist in Pathankot

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