An Excellent Answer to Question “What is wrong if a Hindu promotes Hinduism?” in Quora

Religion is always hot topic in India and mostly linked to a political party to gain mileage during elections or to create rift between communities gaining political brownie point. There was a question on Quora asking ” Whats wrong If a Hindu Promotes Hinduism in India”. We saw a good reply by Shubham Singh, who works as an IT Engineer in TCS. Here is what he says

I would love to answer this question by trying to be as neutral as possible but sorry in advance if I become a bit biased.

There is nothing wrong in theory. But practically you could be called fanatic, racist, orthodox or a sanghi(follower of RSS).

Now m not a very big fan of RSS, VHP , bajrang Dal because one need to understand that Hinduism is not a religion but an ideology. The western world many times see us as mystic people who believes in dark magic.

But there is nothing as such as many of our practices are scientific.

Now coming to what is wrong in promoting it.

Religion has been politicized in India. People of particular religion are identified with particular political party. It is the main issue.

Political parties started feeding false hopes to minorities and created rift between different religions.

India is single country in the world where majority community are fighting for equal rights(begging most of the times).

Hope you get it what is wrong?

That’s the attitude of politicians and miseries they brought upon us.

Subham Singh