Explosives planted at Sudarshan News Channel Head Quarter

Media is the fourth pillar of democracy where media plays an important role for the people as well as the government. Media in India has been active in politics and have brought out several scams. Media have run campaigns in our country to make a person a CM in past. Not only bad, but media has done incredibly good things for our country in past by exposing the government’s.

Attack on Media is always considered as attack on democracy. Recently near the head quarter of Sudarshan News Channel 14 dynamite were found. It clearly indicates that Sudarshan News Channel head quarter is under target of some anti-social elements.

The explosives or dynamites as reported by the owner of Sudarshan News Channel, Suresh Chavhanke were foundnear the gate of the head quarter building just adjacent to the power house. When one NDTV journalist was attacked entire media stood with NDTV. When Gauri Lamkesh was murdered entire leftist ideology media stood there and protested against the law and order to the government.

When CBI raided NDTV’s Prannoy Roy, wife over ‘bank fraud’, channel cried witch-hunt. Entire Media came together and told it was attack on Media to silent them by the government, though later the allegations were proved right. Reference: Deccan Chronicle.

Now that Sudarshan News Channel has been attacked where is the media. Where are those people like Ravish Kumar who preach freedom of speech and expression. Where are those people who help candle March protest and rallies against the attack on Media.

Are they silent because they are not interested in Sudarshan News Channel because it has exposed the ideology of leftist media several times.