EXPOSE : This Eyewitness’s Video Is A SLAP on Congress, Kejriwal and Everyone Who are Questioning SIMI Encounter

It has become a self style statement for parties like Congress, AAP, AIMIM and many more to question Terror Encounters. Every time when they make such a statement questioning these terrorist’s encounters, they are not appeasing the Muslim community but putting them at a greater risk. The recent questioning of SIMI Terror Encounter in Bhopal in one such similar trend which is happening in India.

The BJP Government and the Madhya Pradesh Police’s Anti Terrorism Sqad have put out their best to exterminate these SIMI Terrorists after they have escaped Bhopal Central Jail. Surely there are still a lot of questions to be answered from the Government in terms to understand How these terrorists escaped from prison? Was there any insider help? What were the intentions of these SIMI Terrorists? But one thing has been clearly established is that they are terrorists and they have escaped to threaten the common people of this Nation.

In this Video, The Village Sarpanch Maun Singh, has made some very clear cut points trashing the arguments of Political Parties and Pseudo Liberals:-

  1. Police reached out to him around 6:00 to 7:00 Am in the morning in order to spread the word about the 8 SIMI Terrorists which escaped from Jail
  2. His connections from nearby village and his village confirmed the news as suggested by police regarding the movement of terrorists

  3. He clearly mentioned all  8 people who came out of the river spoke in different language which he could not understand, clearly proving that the men were not locals

  4. The men had threatened this Village Sarpanch, that he will be shot if he tries to approach them

  5. Clearly the SIMI Terrorists were not in a mood to surrender even after Police shot some round of fire in the air and they had even tried to attack the police in reciprocation

Clearly the village sarpanch and villagers are happy to see the death of these SIMI Terrorists unlike our beloved politicians like Arvind Kejriwal, Digvijay Singh and Asaduddin Owaisi. Now whom do you think you believe? The Madhya Pradesh ATS or the likes of these great politicians?

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