Expose: Kejriwal has spent ZERO rupee of MLA fund he got for welfare of his constituency.

Irony Just died on what he calls himself “AAM AADMI” or Common Man!!!!

But lets analyze now what he does the whole day. He is the CM of Delhi but the whole work is done by Manish Sisodia as he does not hold any ministry. So no work there. But again one can argue that he is the MLA from New Delhi, so he must be busy working in his constituency.

Every MLA gets MLA funds for his/her constituency which he/she has to use for the welfare of the people. Kejriwal has also got it.  But now lets see how much Kejriwal has utilized or spend this fund.

This is exposed in a RTI query which says that Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had been allotted Rs 300 Crores for his seat, but he has not used a single rupee till now for any work. See  the following questions:





So the RTI clearly says that he has not used any development funds. Now question arises that what he does whole day as he do not do any ministry work in the government or any MLA work in New Delhi?

We know that he gives review of Movies every frieday and other 6 days always there on twitter to criticize PM Modi on work done.

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Credits: Thelotpot Website