EXPOSE !! Times of India Labels Petty Muslim Converted ATM Thief As A Hindu Terrorist

We always see a strong message coming out “Terror has no Religion”, if a Muslim does a terror attack. For all other ones, you have religions and sometimes even caste associated with terror. Media even uses just a word terrorist in case of Islamic terror and gives first, middle and last name with headline as Hindu terrorist otherwise.

Lets see this news published in a Times of India NCR. If you carefully read the news, Sandeep Sharma was Not a terrorist but just an ATM Thief.Even the LeT has clearly denied any association with Sandeep also quoted by the newspaper.

But see the headline “Hindu LeT terrorist arrested in Kashmir” while all other Muslim LeT terrorists still representing so called “No Religion“.


For ones, who cannot see this clearly, Here are the full cutting images from the daily.

Here is how, Times Nation Kolkatta publishes this on Front Page.

Moreover, he is not even a Hindu and has renamed himself as Adil after marrying with a Muslim Girl 7 years ago.


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