Exposed:To All who say, Juvenile in Nirbhaya case was not Mohd Afroz-Here is the proof-Full Video

Recently, when Nirbhaya rape case was again in news with the Juvenile convict, who infact was the most brutal and killed Nirbhaya was freed recently by orders of court since he has completed his 3 years imprisonment in juvenile care center.

In fact, AAM AADMI PARTY, which is currently ruling delhi, even rewarded the rapist with INR 10000 and promised to set up a tailoring shop with a new identity.

Even the media is sympathizing with the rapist like the Juvenile rapist is learning  Painting and english. Here is the news from firstpost with sympathy towards rapist.

Well, when the world knows, who was the Victim and her name, which was even made public thought the world by BBC with their documentary “The India’s Daughter”, why is the name of Juvenile rapist, who was the most brutal among all not made public?

Is it so or it is made public in past by main stream media and now deliberately being hidden by media and lawyers of Juvenile rapist so as to protest him?

When the verdict of his release was near, The social media was filled with posts and many with even mentioning his name as Mohammed Aftoz. Here is one of the post by Shefali vaidya mentioning the name of the rapist.


Soon with these kind of posts floating, the left winged started spreading posts like name of Juvenile rapist is not disclosed and right wingers are trying to paint the issue communal by naming the rapist as Mohd. Afroz representing the minority Muslim. Even pages like sususwamy and few others inclined with AAP and Congress with ones who were pro muslim were trolling and defaming shefali vaidya(this is how, they respect women it seems)



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Even the media tried to distort the facts portraying the name of juvenile rapist as Raju, a fake name.


Well, but in this age of Internet Era, traces remain and could be traced back, if u have will. Here is a Video released by headlines today, when juvenile rapist Mohd. Afroz was arrested from a small town in UP, where he was hiding after raping and killing Nirbhaya.

Below is official Video and News link released by headlines today and they forgot to remove and this was reported by reporter Atir Khan, who himself belongs to minority community. It clearly mentions, Juvenile rapist’s name is Mohd Afroz.


We have also downloaded the video so that even now, if Headlines today removes this to protect identity of the Juvenile rapist, we have it in our youtube channel, here is the link.

Here is another confirmation from Headlines Today Journalist Shiv Aroor

This article is not about painting the incident with a communal color but we believe that now even when name of Nirbhaya(Jyoti Singh) is made public by agencies like BBC, why not the name of brutal rapist juvenile Mohd Afroz? We agree that all of them were monsters be it whatever religion they represent.

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