An Eye Opening Analysis to How Karni Sena Could Create So Much Violence Without Support and Does It Have Backing from BJP/Congress?

This extract is taken from Answer of Question “Who is backing Karni Sena, Modi or Congress? Or do you think that without any support they can do this much violence in India?” posted in Quora.

Answer by Swapnil Tripathi quotes as below, which clearly indicates probable hand of Congress in Karni Sena’s recent riot like activities against movie Padmaavat.

I have been tracking the recent development.The controversy over Padmaavat has brought the Rajput Karni Sena to national prominence, albeit for the wrong reasons.

From offering a bounty of Rs 5 crore to chop off the nose of Deepika Padukone to pelting stones on school bus in Harayana,it has become synonym of notorious organization.

Let’s put some straight facts about Karni sena:

  • Karni Sena is not affiliated with RSS.
  • Founder of Karni sena is Lokendra singh Kalvi, son of late Kalyan Singh Kalvi, who was the Energy minister in ChandraShekhar govt.

The seeds Congress had sown in 2008 by welcoming Kalvi is sprouting now. Kalvi is an active member of the INC.

(The person in green cap is Karni Sena’s president Mahipal Singh Makrana)

Hope you understand some political nexus & dirty tricks of some lutyen political parties.Karni Sena’s political ambitions are clearly visible.

Now one question.Whom did Prakash Raj & Anurag Kashyap blame for attacks?- The saffron brigade.

  • On January 25th, the Kari Sena announced that that will join hands with Congress to defeat the BJP. Not just Karni Sena but even several other Rajputs organisations like Rajput Sabha, Ravana Rajput Samaj, Pratap Foundation, Durga Dal extended their support to the Congress party. Don’t forget that all these organisations have supported the Congress which openly backs the release of the distorted film “Padmavat”.
  • Karni Sena’s statement that ‘BJP govt didn’t ban the film’ proves to be a self goal because the Karnataka government, ruled by Congress had in fact welcomed the film “Padmavat”. Doesn’t it seem suspicious?

I still remember the

  1. Jat Agitations & MP Farmers Agitations , the Congress leaders were caught on camera telling people to burn down vehicles, destroy properties, beat people etc.
  2. Same thing had happened with the Una Dalit Case & Bhima Koregaon case when the culprits had Congress Links and it was done to create Dalit Upper Caste divide.
  3. During Patel Agitation in Gujarat in name of reservation where the the main Agitation leader Hardik Patel joined Hands with Congress.
  4. OBC Agitation in Gujarat where OBC leader Alpesh Thakor joined congress,fought election & became MLA.

It’s an orchestrated plot to create dis-harmony in the society for a mere intention of votebank.Its same as the Divide and rule policy of Britishers. We must stay united together.Its up to people to use their wisdom & expose the evil intentions of such Agitators.

Pit race against race,religion against religion,prejudice against prejudice. Divide and conquer! We must not let that happen here.”


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Swapnil Tripathi