Facebook suspends Right Wing activist’s profile after his post advertising ‘Tiranga Yatra’ went against their community standards

Social media websites have been often been accused of being politically biased and favouring one particular side while discriminating against the other by suppressing their voices. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had stoked controversy by posing with a placard saying “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy.”

More recently, several media houses including Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV have alleged that Pakistani Twitter handles are sharing doctored footage of their shows and despite repeated requests the micro-blogging site did not take any action against it.

And now, a similar allegation has been made against the other major social networking site, Facebook, as well. Right wing activist Sushant Kaushal, grandson of veteran Jana Sangh leader Gauri Shankar Kaushal, has alleged that his Facebook profile got blocked from posting and commenting for three days after he made a post about a Tiranga Yatra (National flag march).

The post, according to Facebook, went against their ‘Community standards’ and so they suspended Sushant’s profile.

The Tiranga Yatra, was being organised in opposition to another event in Bhopal which protested Indian Government’s decision of removing Jammu and Kashmir’s special status.

The screenshots of the said post which got Sushant’s profile suspended, had no objectionable or offensive content. It only urged people to join with Sushant in the Tiranga Yatra.

Meanwhile, taking to twitter, Sushant Kaushal lambasted Facebook and accused them of supporting traitors within India. “Facebook is Openly supporting Traitors in India.
I asked people to join me in a #TirangaYatra in Bhopal against Pro Pakis who want a Seperate Flag for Kashmir in Bhopal. Facebook has Deleted my Post in Support of Traitors,” he wrote on twitter.

It remains to be seen whether Facebook issues any clarification on why the step was taken.