Facebook User alleges his railways berth was taken by Ex-CM Manik Sarkar

In recent times, the Indian Railways, on several instances, has been very prompt in answering to queries via means of Facebook, Twitter and other digital platforms. Customer concern redressal has been on the of key issues that has been worked upon by the Ministry of Railways.

Unfortunately for Kishore Kumar Das, none of that worked in his favour, especially when he was travelling to meet his ailing father in Tripura. Kishore who was supposedly travelling by train (Train # 55675) from Agartala to Dharmanagar, in a confirmed seat, had to suffer a great ordeal to reach his destination.

In a Facebook post, Kishore had pointed out that Ex-Chief Minister Manik Sarkar and Ex-Minister Manik Dey were travelling on the same train as he was. To his utter dismay, they were allegedly travelling on seat number 41 in coach B1, which was apparently reserved by him. He had posted a screen shot of his confirmed ticket details along with the PNR number.

One can question as to why Kishore was raising his concern on Facebook rather than tweeting to the official twitter handle of Northeast Frontier Railways. But Kishore had done that too, he had tweeted to the official Twitter handle of NF Railways, tagging the Railway Ministry handle and Railway Minister Piyush Goyal.

Apparently as suggested by Kishore, there had been no Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) in his train to address his concerns. If that is the case, then to whom can the average Indian Railway traveller provide his direct complaints to?

Apart from considering the fact that no person was there to help Kishore, what transpired in his Facebook wall was even more outrageous. From what was been alleged by Kishore, he was not allowed to talk to the Ex-CM by his personal security, this in an attempt to sit in his own seat that was reserved by him.

Sinha Rahul, a Journalist from Daily Desher Katha, provided proof of valid tickets purchased by Ex-CM Manik Sarkar and his accompanying members. The only issue was that this tickets which was show as proof by Sinha, only further exposed the truth, if at all they were the real tickets purchased by the Ex-CM’s team.

The tickets shown by Sinha were showing numbers 9,12 and 14 while Ex-CM Manik Sarkar and his team were sitting in 41, 42 and 43 as per the picture taken by Kishore.

Although Kishore had posted a screenshot of his ticket, Sinha kept threatening him to show his tickets, only to be further embarrassed by fellow Facebook users. Sinha kept suggesting that it was the TTE who asked the Ex-CM and his team to occupy the seats while Kishore kept suggesting that there was no TTE to report his concern to.

Although it is safe to assume that Kishore found a way to travel but one has to wonder, is it right that he has to go through so much ordeal in-spite of booking a reserved ticket? If not for Social Media platforms, how will Kishore express such concerns?

Kishore had pointed out very valid questions to Sinha, how come an Ex-CM and two of his political leaders travelled with four of their security personnel, that too on 3 reserved AC tickets. Apparently Sinha did not have an answer to this valid question.

Kishore’s concerns are rightfully genuine, and in this case it only teaches a lesson to the common man of India. It is very difficult to stand up to the Political mindset of certain Indian Politicians. The common man has to go through a lot of pain in order to get what he/she wants. It is further embarrassing to know that the Ex-CM and his team booked these tickets under senior citizen concession, if at all the tickets are true.

The bigger question to be asked here to the Ministry of Indian Railways is, will the common man like Kishore Kumar Das get the due justice that he deserves for this shameful incident?