Fact check: Did the Prime Minister really say that Government has built 1250 crore houses for poor?

Since Monday morning, a section of people on twitter are constantly trolling Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allegedly claiming that the government has built over 1250 crore houses for the financially deprived. Some are even making calculations on how is it possible to build 1250 crore houses for 134 crore people of India.
This alleged statement of the Prime Minister which is being circulated by some users, has become a viral on twitter.

We at SatyaVijayi decided to dig at root of this, and the first and foremost question was, when and where did the Prime Minister make such a wild claim? A little searching on twitter exposed us to the fact that the root source of this claim was a tweet made from the official twitter handle of NDTV.


The NDTV tweet which was live updating Prime Minster’s Raebareli rally, quoted him as saying” over 1250 houses have been set up.” Usually when a brand like NDTV, which is situated at the top layer of Indian media’s pyramid, makes a tweet, there’s very little scope to doubt it. Yet before reaching to the final conclusion, we decided to just watch Prime Minster’s address in Raebareli for once.

We watched the video several times, and on each occasion contrary to NDTV’s tweet, we heard the Prime Minster clearly saying, “ab tak desh me sava crore se jyada gharo ka nirman pura kiya ja chuka hai (till now work of over 1.25 houses have been completed).” There were no mention of building 1250 houses at all. Now this means that NDTV made out a tweet which blatantly misquoted the Prime Minister.

In the age of digital media, where everyone involved always remain in hurry and pressure, typing errors are not considered a sin. However, it is expected that a media house would correct such mistakes at earliest possible, so that it doesn’t create any confusion.

When several twitter users pointed out the mistake to NDTV, they instead of deleting the misleading tweet, made another one with the correct quotation, creating furthering confusion in the minds of those who had not listened to the speech itself.

Till at this moment, the misleading tweet is still live. This raises a very fundamental questions. Shouldn’t the NDTV apologise for making a misleading tweet about the Prime Minister, which led to him getting trolled for no real reason?

In the world of media, a coma, question mark or twisting of numbers is all that makes the difference between real and fake news.