Fact check: Hyderabad based Muslim party leader shares fake news about Muslim man being beaten by RSS for not saying “Jai Shri Ram”

Recently Majlis Bachao Morcha leader Amjed Ullah Khan on twitter alleged that a Muslim boy in Telengana was beaten up by the people of RSS/BJP for not saying “Jai Shri Ram.” Along with the tweet he attached several images of a Muslim boy with several bruises on his body, clearly indicating that he was assaulted by someone.


The tweet quickly went viral on the Internet.

However later Hyderabad police shared a video of the boy himself narrating the incident. From what the boy is heard saying in the video, it was clear that the there was nothing communal about what happened. He was reportedly beaten up for allegedly harassing a teenaged girl over last few days. The police have registered a case against five persons who beat him up under various sections of the IPC.

The boy’s father has also acknowledged that it was his son’s fault led to the incident and even apologised for the same. He too clarified that there was no communal angle to it.

People on social media should be very cautious before sharing anything. While social media empowers people to directly share information with the entire world without having to rely on others. Some people are exploiting it to create rift between people.