Failed Comedian making Abusive Tweets & Shehla Rashid retweets

Mostly, Right wingers are alleged of being abusive trolls on Twitter. Even once PM Narendra Modi was questioned when the user whom PM Narendra Modi’s account was following had made abusive tweets. But then no one questions people are constantly abusive on Twitter and are not right wingers.

There are few struggling, Publicity hungry people who lack any talent and call themselves “Stand-up Comedians”. Such people are constantly abusive, they insult people and then call it comedy. Well, it is surprising when insulting some one usinG abusive word is termed as comedy.

We have come across Kuna Karma, who identifies himself as Comedian, whom you surely might not know, but from his bio it seems he is trying to be funny has been making abusive tweets.

His tweets have been mostly inclined towards leftist ideology and Abusive. Here is one of the recent one.

It was necessary to take his tweet seriously or into this article, but then we came across the people who retweeted it. Not surprisingly, none other than the freedom of speech leader and the abusive trolls crusader Shehla Rashid.

After checking this retweet by Shehla Rashid, Irony just died a Million deaths. Nothing more can be said after this, if you have anything, let us know in comment section.