Arundhati Roy Row – From Fake News To Murder, The Academic Urban Naxalites Have Done It All

Not very long ago, a few people in the world had monopolized the entire mainstream media. Large media groups decided the mood of the nation. Supporting them was a group of elites like Arundhati Roy, Anu Aga, Anand Patwardhan, et al. But that was not very long ago. And then, the social media changed the game altogether! Today, it doesn’t matter whether you’re as mediocre as Dhinchak Pooja, or as refined as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. If you have the content, you can share it & will be seen.

Having control of the media was an everyday paaffair for them. However, this upset many of them. Some were busy flaunting their blue ticks on Twitter. Others were busy socialising. And before they could even realize, the power slipped out of their hands into the hands of the janta. They completely lost their long-established monopoly. However, they continued to live in denial.

One of the aspects of this denial is the delusion of being “elite”. The media community of India was a particularly privileged class, having direct access to all ministries & even the PMO. Some were so pally with the Gandhis that even the bedrooms of 10 Janpath, the then epicenter of power of all of India, wasn’t out of bounds for them. A little over 3 years ago, on May 16, 2014, some realised that their created narratives & half truths had no buyers.

They quickly realised that to salvage any leftover credibility, they needed to involve themselves in the social media. And they did. And they didn’t surprise me. Even on this level playing field, they keep looking for opportunities to prove their perceived elitism. One of them is Siddharth Vardarajan. He has not saved his words in his hatred towards for the Prime Minster and Hinduism in his book. However, to carry the propaganda forward, he quit the Hindu & started a new venture on the Social Media by name, The Wire.

Yesterday, May 23, 2017, The Wire published a report, where they have claimed that some websites, including this one, published a fake article on Arundhati Roy. Usually, I have noticed that these elites have refined language. However this time, they forgot their style. It was clear that they were hurt by something & must have written it in a fit of rage.

And naturally so! These so-called “fake” news websites had exposed their real mala fide character. It is not a coincidence that this mudslinging from the Wire comes a few days after some of these websites ran a (true) story where a surrendered Naxalite revealed that he took Siddharth Vardarajan’s wife, Nalini Sundar to a Maoist Leader in Chhattisgarh. The Lutyens corridors kept such news items confined till the late 90s. But thanks to Social Media, they are now out in the open. In another development, an FIR was filed against Nalini Sundar for killing a tribal in Chhattisgarh. Satyavijayi had reported that incident, too.

Obviously, people with funding of crores & a laundry list of patrons comprising of a distinguished gathering of Narayan Murthy’s son, Aamir Khan, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Nandan Nilekani’s wife, & so forth, cannot “tolerate” their criminal acts being exposed by normal people from the streets; normal people like Anand, who has no backing from any international business houses, or IPSMF kind of foundations, or the BJP IT Cell. So, it is but natural that they will go all ends out to discredit them with hit jobs of this kind:

Speaking of fake news, the Wire is the kind of website which operates in typical Maoist style – using farragos of distortions, misrepresentations, misinterpretations, misquotations, to pass off their own opinions as “news” & presenting it to the people. Here’s a story which they ran trying to discredit the RSS:

And the truth? Here it is:

Here, they are trying to create a link between a medical society and the RSS, as if RSS is an instrument of insult. The tone is very demeaning. The hatred is impeccable!

The Arundhati Roy Angle

Now, let’s talk about Arundhati Roy. Arundhati Roy is the pioneer of anti-India narratives. She was overtly against India, Indian Army, Hinduism, and everything that is Indian long before others came out in the open about it. The internet is full of videos of her creating her usual anti-India narrative. Here’s one:

It is natural that a report on Arundhati Roy would hurt the elites. Again, reports from people like Ankita K, who are not in the “elite” circles. They are hurt. And that is why they are getting aggressive. They even forgot their usual suave and sophisticated tone they usually use while carrying out such hit jobs. The entire #LetsTalkAboutTrolls drama was created because the elite media houses felt their grip slipping and their popularity dropping.

And one more thing, though it hurts these people when Paresh Rawal suggests making a human shield of Arundhati Roy; but they don’t bat an eye when Shehla Rashid literally says the same about Gautam Gambhir & a democratically elected CM, Yogi Adityanath.