Fake Propaganda of Semen Filled Balloons Exposed, will these Journalists apologise?

Earlier in February 2018, few students of Jesus and Mary College in Delhi had alleged that some miscreants had been harassing them in the name of the ‘Holi festival’ by throwing semen filled balloons instead of water and colours. The incident came to light when one of the students of Lady Shri Ram College also alleged that she was attacked in similar manner.

As per an article in Scroll, ‘She had just started for college from Amar Colony when a “liquid-filled balloon” hit her hip. “It dried white on my black leggings, and the foreign smell clearly indicated that it wasn’t water,” she wrote, adding that she did not know what it was until a friend told her “semen-flinging…was currently the Holi fad in the back market area”.’

According to the report in Scroll, at least three students were attacked by balloons which were filled with what they suspected to be semen.

The story was covered aggressively by several main stream media houses, most of them terming it as “Hooliganism” and Holi as an Anti Women festival. Here is one such example from NDTV.

It was not surprising that many journalists took it forward to make sure that a Hindu Festival was defamed without any solid proof or backing. They tried their level best to symbolise Holi as an “Anti-Women Festival”. The Wire, The Print and Scroll actively participated in covering the entire cooked up story, without waiting for an evidence or confirmation from the forensic science laboratory or any authorised agency.

As expected Sagarika Ghose gave a religious angle to the entire story with an attempt to malign Hindu festivals. Sagarika Ghose was fast enough to confirm that the balloon was filled with semen even before the forensic laboratory could do. She even went ahead to suggest semen filled balloons as an expression of “Hindu Pride”.

Latest reports now confirm that there was no semen in the balloon provided for test by the forensic laboratory. Here at SatyaVijayi, we were able to provide a counter narrative to the entire cooked up story, exposing the loopholes in the story.

The report from from the forensic lab was based on the sample submitted by the team. Unfortunately this report only exposes the fake propaganda of these journalists. Now will the same journalists apologise for hurting Hindu sentiments? Or wait!! They might be busy working on next propaganda to defame Hindu festivals.