Fake social media posts on the rise in Tamil Nadu depicting Hindus in poor light

In the run up to the Parliamentary elections in 2019; certain vested interests are keeping no stone unturned to defame the Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP) and Sangh Parivar by posting unrelated incidents in their Facebook page.

TNM MEDIA தமிழ்நாடு is a Facebook page, proclaiming itself as a News and Media website with nearly 3,00,00 Likes. In their latest Facebook post, they have posted an incident where a Dalit lady was stripped following an entry into a temple and depicting that the incident happened in Uttar Pradesh with the support of the BJP and Sangh Parivar.

The Facebook posts in their page says “In Uttar Pradesh, a Dalit woman who went to the temple has been stripped naked by certain forces. Is this what ‘Hindu Rashtra’ all about? The security of Dalits and Muslims is under grave threat under the states ruled by BJP. This Brahminical attitude and oppression must end. The upper caste must stop their violence and treating Dalits in such manner. This is highly condemn-able act by BJP and the Hindutva forces”, it says.

The plagiarised photo of this lady stripped by localities, which was first seen on the website faceofmalawi.com, with the title “Pakistan police arrest 7 men for parading girl naked in village”. This article was posted on 1st November 2017.

On further investigation, we analysed that the incident of a 16 year old girl being paraded naked in Pakistan after ‘honour’ row was true and did happen in November 2017. But the authenticity of the picture used by faceofmalawi could not be established and was probably used for click biat.

The Facebook page “TNM MEDIA தமிழ்நாடு” had probably created a Meme without verifying the source of this picture with the intent of spreading communal tension in Tamil Nadu between Hindus on one side against Muslims and Dalits on the other. This post has been shared nearly 9,000 times on Facebook.

This is not the first instance but this Facebook page has been known to post several fake messages in the past with the intent of creating communal tension or tarnishing individuals.

Such blame game of depicting the Hindu community or individuals in poor light, while making attractive ‘Memes’ as an attention grabber in social media is a proven tactic of these forces.


The Facebook pages running this malicious campaign by connecting unrelated incidents, photo-shopping images and bringing in Dalit Vs Upper caste into picture can be gauged from their series of posts in their Facebook pages. Incidentally such a malicious campaign is happening in Tamil Nadu, blaming the Modi led government in the Center and Edappadi Palanisamy led AIADMK Government in the state for such incidents, which has never taken place in Tamil Nadu.

Our View

While we condemn any form of violence against Dalits or against any Individual or organisation; spreading such malicious lies and hate campaigns through social media and garnering tremendous support through likes and shares is despicable, reprehensible and against law. The Cyber Crime police need to have taken up this issue and registered a ‘suo motto’ complaint based on the photos which are taken from news reports from unknown places and the incidents which have never happened in India.

The posts are easily verifiable and spreading such malevolent lies, hatred against a particular community with falsified facts is highly condemn-able and nothing but a sinister attempt to obtain political benefits in the ensuing elections. Time has to come to embark politics of performance over politics of populism and publicity.