Parody News: Here is How PM Modi Tried to Kill Arvind Kejriwal in Varanasi

Last year July 2016, Shree Shree Arvind Kejriwal claimed that PM Narendra Modi might kill him. In his video he made these remarks stating PM Modi is frustrated because of the good work done by AAP.

This news became sensational and was all around the Newspapers, News Channels and debates.

Surely, Shree Shree AK ji would not make such claims without any proof. He knew he was doing a great work and PM obviously was frustrated.

The good work done by AAP is seen by all, free Wi-Fi across Delhi, 800,000 new jobs, 20 new colleges and seats in colleges are double the earlier. The VIP culture ended, Delhi is Curroption free, free water and electricity. Also, Delhi has got statehood. After all this amazing work done by AAP, it is pretty obvious PM Narendra Modi is frustrated.

The claims made by Shree Shree AK Sir came up true, recently PM Narendra Modi was on a visit to Varanasi, where he dig up a well. His major plan was to make sure Shree Share AK Sir is trapped in this well.

PM Narendra Modi said that the well was as part of Swachh Bharat Mission. It was all a setup done by as per Chanakya Niti master Mind Amit Shah.

After long struggle the AAP party workers were able to save Shree Shree AK Sir out of the well. AAP workers were seen celebrating the long life of Shree Shree AK Sir.

AAP party members are sure that Shree Shree AK Sir will get back and give film review as soon as possible. We wish Shree Shree AK Sir a happy and long life with this awesome song by him:

(Video credits: Super Londay)