False propaganda to defame India using GHI

India ranked 100 out of 119 countries on the GHI, while last year it was at 97 out of 118. A lower ranking is indicative of a higher rate of malnutrition and hunger. GHI is multidimensional measure that describes state of hunger situation on regional, national and global level. It is published annually by International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) since 2006. It ranks countries on a 0 to 100-point scale calculated by taking into account four indicator parameters. Zero means best score (no hunger) and 100 is worst.

The four parameters are (i) Undernourished population (1/3rd weight), (ii) Child wasting (1/6th weight), (iii) Child stunting (1/6th weight) and (iii) Infant mortality rate (1/3rd weight). In this case stunting means deficiency in height in relation to age, reflects chronic undernutrition and wasting means low weight in relation to a child’s height, reflects acute undernutrition.

In 2017 GHI, India scored 31.4 (it was 46.2 in 1992) and was placed in high end of “serious” category. India low ranking also influences South Asia’s regional score as three quarters of South Asia’s population reside in India. India’s neighbours ranking are Nepal (72), Myanmar (77), Bangladesh (88), Sri Lanka (84) and China (29)—except Pakistan (106) and Afghanistan (107). Even North Korea (93) and Iraq (78) fared better in hunger parameters and GHI rankings.

Rahul Gandhi and Congress party alleged that India’s rank in the Global Hunger Index 2017 report has slipped to 100th position from 55th in 2014. The News was all over that India slipped 45 places in Global Hunger Index Rank.

BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao said the ranking is based on the performance during 2012-16, and during this period Congress was in power for 2.5 years, preceded by about eight years of their rule.”Therefore, if the India’s score in 2017 reflects a negative trend, the Congress-led UPA government must own up its own failure,” Rao said. Rao explained that in 2014, India’s ranking on this index was 55th but at that time only 76 countries were included in the ranking. In the Global Hunger Index in 2017, he said, 44 countries which were not part of the index in 2014 and which have always had better development indices compared to India, have been included.

It is clear, India’s ranking has NOT slipped 45 places from rank 55 in 2014 to rank 100 in 2016. India’s rank was 55 out of 76 countries in 2014. Top performing 44 countries that were anyway above India, and were not even listed in 2014, have been added in 2017. Due to this addition of 44 countries above India, it ranks 100 now. If these countries were listed in the rankings in 2014, then India’s ranking in 2014 would be 99 out of 120 countries.

India has improved the GHI score from 35.6 in 2008 to 31.4 in 2017. India’s condition drastically worsened between 2002 and 2016 (which contained a decade of Congress rule).

This seems to be a usual media trick to mislead readers. Few Main Stream Media’s are well known for their pathological hatred for BJP and PM Narendra Modi.