Farm Bills to empower farmers, enable them to freely trade agri produce: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday assured the nation and farmers about the newly passed farm bills and claimed that they are “need of the 21st century.” He reiterated that Government backing and Minimum Support Price (MSP) will continue as before and there will be no changes made in that regard.

The Prime Minister asserted that the bills will empower the farmers and enable them to freely trade with anyone who is willing to pay highest price, instead of remaining dependent on the nearest mandi. Farmers remained in shackles for long leading to a clique benefiting from their “compulsions”, he said, adding that it needed to be changed and his government has done it.

The PM however also asserted that the business in mandis will run as usual and the passing of these two legislations will not have an impact on it. “I want to clarify that this change is not against agriculture mandis. The work in mandis will continue like before. On the contrary, the NDA government has always strived for the modernisation of these mandis,” he said.

Two key farm bills, dubbed as the biggest reform in agriculture by the government, were on Sunday passed by Rajya Sabha with voice vote. The two bills were earlier cleared by Lok Sabha.