Farooq Abdullah accuses Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being behind the Pulwama terror attacks

National conference supremo Farooq Abdullah has sparked a new controversy by accusing the Modi government of being behind the Pulwama terror attack. He alleged that the attack has politically benefited ruling BJP.

Abdullah the NC candidate from Srinagar said, ” Modi saab wanted to win that’s why he orchestrated this (Pulwama).” Abdullah also said the “murderers of Mahatma Gandhi are now in power in Delhi.”

The party patron said, “Those who are ruling at Delhi are the same people who killed Gandhi.” He went on to say that leader Vallabhai Patel, the Home Minister had in fact banned RSS.

Abdullah, who has earlier made snide remarks at the Centre over claims of the Balakot strike’s success, said India should request that a UN committee be formed to investigate and reveal proof of damage in Balakot strikes conducted by Indian Air Force.

He reiterated that only trees were destroyed in the surgical strikes following the Pulwama terror attack.

Further he said that while the Indian Government believed in US reports during Kargil war, there was utter disbelief when the US this time reported there was no damage caused in the Balakot air strike.