Fearing backlash in North, Kerala Congress asks ally Muslim league workers to not carry their flags during Rahul Gandhi visit

The Congress workers in Kerala’s Wayanad are worried about the flags of their second strongest ally in the state, Indian union Muslim league (IUML), prior to Rahul Gandhi’s visit to the constituency. According to a report published in the Organiser, Congress workers believes that the display of IUML’s green Islamic flags during Rahul Gandhi’s visit could have adverse affect on voters in Northern part of the country.

Congress leaders are spreading the word of warning on social media and in secret Whats App groups, created for the election campaign in Wayanad constituency. According to a screenshot of a Whats App conversation accessed by Organiser, a local Congress leader advises Muslim League workers not to use its flag in the election rallies. “Muslim League friends are our dear ones. Rahul Gandhi will be coming to Wayanad soon. There is no doubt that the green flag (Muslim League’s official flag) is our pride. But in ‘North India’, this flag will be understood in another way. So I request our Muslim League workers to stay away from the rally, even if you come, then please don’t carry your flags,” reads a message in a Whats App group created to coordinate election works of United Democratic Alliance (UDF) in Wayanad constituency. A Muslim League worker is also seen responded to the message with an angry emoji. Congress workers have also started making similar appeals on various social media platforms like twitter and facebook.

Wayanad is a stronghold of Muslim League, with an overwhelming Muslim population. The Congress chose the seat as per the arithmetic that Muslim votes will consolidate in favour of Rahul, who is contesting as a UDF candidate with the wholehearted support of the Muslim League, which is considered to be the most trusted ally of the Congress.

The Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) is a successor to the Infamous Muslim league whose leaders played the primary role in division of India. After the creation of Pakistan, the party was succeeded by the Muslim League in Pakistan, the Indian Union Muslim League in India and the Awami League in the East Pakistan province of Pakistan (Bangladesh).