When UP Female Cop Scolded An SP Leader & Said, “5 Sal Bahut Hua, Ab Ye Sab Nahi Chalega”

We have seen that our police officers sometimes are not able to perform their duties properly because of the undue pressure that is exerted on them by the politicians.

 The situation of law and order in UP is pretty bad; however, it is being said that after Yogi Adityanath has become the chief minister, there is some improvement in the situation.

A video is going viral on the Internet which shows a supercop slamming a Samajwadi leader and telling that whatever has happened in 5 years will not happen again, enough is enough.

It seems that someone from a leader’s family or household challenged the SO and the supercop is in no mood to take the matter lightly.

She makes it clear that she will not tolerate such things as well as instructs the leader and the acquaintances that they don’t need to tell what police has to do because they know their job pretty well.


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Credit: RVCJ