Female student alleges harassment during college trip for being a Muslim, professor denies any such incident

Umam Khanam, a law student from Meerut’s Dewan law college on Wednesday stirred controversy by accusing her fellow classmates of harassing her due being a Muslim during a college trip. The female student, levelled the allegations in a series of tweets.

In her tweets, Khanam alleged that her classmates who were traveling with her in the bus during college trip, got drunk and started harassing her. She further went on to give political overtones to her allegations by saying that other students were carrying stuff like BJP caps and were forcing her to wear them. “They tried to threaten me because i rejected to wear those bjp stuff and dance with them,” she alleged.

Things took an even surprising turn when Khanam further gave a communal angle to the entire story by suggesting that she was harassed for being the only Muslim in the trip.


Allegations made by Umam Khanam were serious in nature and as anticipated created a major furore on the social media. However, the allegations made by Khanam were soon challenged by Dushyant Dubey, co-host of popular podcast Chai with redpills.

Dushyant said that he contacted Head of the department at Dewan institute law faculty Ambuj Sharma, and he completely denied any such incidents during the college trip. It may be noted that Sharma was also a part of the trip. The recording of the conversation between professor Ambuj Sharma and Dushyant is available in a video on YouTube.

Talking to Satyavijayi, Dushyant said that being a BJP supporter he would never want anybody to harass any person using the party’s ideology. He said, his primary intention behind investigating the matter was to ensure disciplinary action against the culprits. However as he probed into the allegations, they turned out to be either false or highly exaggerated.