Feminists in Iran fighting against Hijab, feminists in India endorsing it

The people on social media recently lashed out at the web portal feminism in India, for endorsing hijab, an attire that many across the globe consider as the biggest symbol of women oppression. Feminism in India (FII) is a one of the largest feminist portals of the country.

In an article dated 1st February 2019, FII urged the women from across the country and world to participate in world hijab day, an occasion it describes as a way to stand in solidarity with the Muslim women. The article, attempts to justify the practice of wearing hijab, as a free and feminist choice of Muslim women. “IF YOU CAN NOT ACCEPT HIJAB AS A CHOICE EVEN AFTER MILLIONS OF WOMEN SAYING SO – IT IS DUE TO YOUR BIGOTRY,” says the article published by FII.


Criticising the feminist portal, people on social media accused it of being hypocritical in its approach towards the practices of various religions.

While slamming the portal, many also drew comparison between the recent article endorsing World hijab day, and a 2017 editorial in which it had critised ‘ghoonghat,’ an attire worn by Hindu women of North Indian states of Punjab and Haryana as “patriarchal.”



It is only ironical that at a time when feminists in Iran are fighting a revolutionary battle against the imposition of hijab, those in India are not only justifying it but also endorsing it. The Indian feminists apperantly have gone even a few steps further to urge women from other communities to also embrace the attire. “When women from all over the world come together in solidarity, forming a sisterhood, telling Muslim women that they are not alone. The idea behind World Hijab Day is to build bridges of understanding, awareness, and education about the hijab,” says the article.

Well renowned journalist, author and columnist, Tarek Fatah also slammed the Feminism in India while hailing the anti-hijab protesters in Iran.

A mid widespread criticism and accusations of hypocrisy, it remains to be seen if Feminism in India comes out with a response or not.