FGM Practices In Kerala Exposed

Female Genital Mutilation commonly known as FGM Is a barbaric ritual of cutting the Female genitalia. In the ritual some or the entire external portions of the Female Genitalia is removed and, the genitalia is sewn. The practice is majorly practiced by the the muslim communities of 27 African countries and in the countries of Middle East. But very shockingly the practice is not only restricted to Africa and Middle East but is also being practiced by certain sections of the Muslim community, right here in India.

What’s even more shocking Is that the ritual is not taking place in some rural or backward parts of of the country, but it is being observed by the people of a state which claims to have 100% Literacy rate, Kerala.

There were reports of FGM being performed in Kerala from a long time, and now in a series of investigations carried out by various organizations it is revealed that there is a complete nexus of clinics in Kerala who perform the FGM.

According to the reports, there are many clinics in Kozhikode, Thiruvananthapuram and all over Kerala who perform the FGM. In the reports it is further stated that women from many local Muslim sects of Kerala visit these clinics for performing Sunnath (FGM) on themselves, their daughters and even on their Daughters-in-law. The price for the ritual to be performed is 4,000 and it is performed in utmost secrecy without letting anyone know.

Now it has to be asked why people of a state which claims to have 100% literacy rate, are performing such oppressive rituals? According to the reports many people in Kerala believe that FGM results in a better married life where according to the experts there is not even a single known benefit of the practice but actually on the contrary there are many dangerous consequences of it.

When organizations like World Health Organizations (WHO) And UNICEF are trying their best to stop the practice in backward countries of Africa, the practice is getting popular in a country which dreams to be a superpower. FGM is a pure barbaric practice against which the entire world is protesting, but that same FGM has has turned into a full fledged, prospering business in the Indian state which claims to Have the highest literary rate. If that’s the situation in Kerala, only God knows what’s happening in other states.

The Central Government must immediately start an investigation on the matter and should crack down on the practice before it’s too late, because the FGM is a crime not only against the womens but against the entire humanity.

After the back to back sting operations done by mathrubhumi which exposed the dark FGM secret of Kerala, the communist government of Kerala has ordered for a probe into the matter. But shouldn’t we ask, what stopped the Government of Kerala to take any action before the dark secret was exposed? They literally allowed an entire nexus of Doctors, Nurses, Staffs, Clinics to spread around the state who went on performing a regressive and Barbaric practice such as FGM. Shall we ask today that, is it the Muslim vote bank which stopped the communist government of Kerala to take any actions and crush this nexus? The communists talk of progressivness and Literacy, today the people of the country are asking, what kind of progress are we going to achieve by FGM? And what’s the literacy the Government talks about when the people of the state believe and practice a pure superstition known as the FGM? Or is there a different definition of Literacy in Kerala?

The Kerala government must come out and respond to the tough questions being asked by the people. And the Central Government must take effective steps towards crushing the evil practice of FGM totally. Because if Triple Talaq is a crime against womens then FGM is the murder of Humanity itself.

Today the Mainstream media of the country and their silence over the issue is something also to be questioned. Why our media is busy giving all the footage to a fraud Spiritual leader who is a rapist and is behind the bars for next good 20 years, and not covering a news which effects the image of the country itself? Today some of the politicians in this country just to appease a certain section of the Muslim community, are playing with the image of the country. Tomorrow when the world will know that the evil practice of FGM is also being practiced in India, they will look at us with the same eyes they look at towards the Islamic Fundamentalist countries of Africa.

In our next article we will give information about FGM being practiced in various parts of the country in details.