Writing this with a heavy heart, hope people sitting on Hunger Strike also consider their action.

Please do think of the current Financial Situation of country because of the wrong administration of UPA. Country needs to get on the development mode and every one needs to contribute.

So far it was assumed that our Ex-Servicemen who has been on hunger strike demanding implementation of “One Rank One Pension” #OROP, has been fighting for their rights and every citizen of this country felt it should be implemented.

However the recent news from India Today’s strategic affairs editor Gaurav Sawant has raised a few questions. Has this revolt been all this while a fight for justice or a political motivated revolt, as the case was with IAC, in the name of Ex-Servicemen. Has majority of Ex-Servicemen been used by a few who wanted to have a political career.

The reason for such questions arises as India Today reported that the Ex-Servicemen will work against BJP in Bihar if #OROP not implemented.

Another report of the same India Today shows 99% of the demand as even recommended by the commission has been met and the only point of disagreement is the point of revision of pension which Ex-Servicemen are demanding annually where as finance ministry does not agree to it.


Point is no where pension is revised annually. Only the DA gets increased and pension is revised when ever the pay commission is implemented. So the demand of Ex-Servicemen in this regard does not hold good.

These are some of the reasons to believe that just a few Ex-Servicemen who might have political ambitions might have played on the emotional issue of Ex-Servicemen and now even after agreement on 99% demand are not ready to settle.

Why are they making a joke of the armed forces which we all respect so much. My peosonal view is if they still keep demanding for annual revision then I don’t think I will be able to respect these Ex-Servicemen anymore.

It’s time they too become a little flexible for the sake of the Nation for which once they fought and shed their blood.