FIR Registered against Ram Subramanian by Priti Gandhi

Ram Subramanian, as known as Voice of Ram, has been a pro Pakistani twitter celebrity in India. His ideological provocation has been confusing, he began promoting himself where in his tweets he wanted peace to be established between India and Pakistan. Well on the other hand, he has been promoting a divisive India by vengeful tweets against North Indians.

He has always been mocking the Prime Minister of India and has been abusive too, on several occassions.

But recently what he said about PM Modi was a personal comment which crossed borders of decency.

Priti Gandhi, National Executive Member of BJP Mahila Morcha, did warn him for his comments before formally registering a complaint against him.

But Ram Subramanian did not pay heed to any of the warnings. As promised Priti Gandhi has registered an FIR against Ram Subramanian.

SatyaVijayi in the past had reported about the abusive and personal remarks against PM Narendra Modi by Ram Subramanian.

Mumbai Police has taken the complaint into consideration. Ram has used derogatory language on several occasions on twitter, yet hides behind a veil called ‘Freedom of Speech’. Ram Subramanian’s political leanings towards the Aam Aadmi Party is a well established and proven fact.