The first public meeting to condemn the attack on Brahmins in Tamil Nadu

March 19, 1800 Hrs, Mylapore witnessed yet another event, which will go down in the annals of history. Agitation by Hindus belonging to various castes and sects in the wake of the “Sacred Thread Cutting” – The most preposterous act by the misbegotten party of TN – “Dravida Kazagam

Headed by the veteran actor Dr S. Ve. Shekher and a renowned advocate Mylai. Sathya, this event highlighted unity amongst Hindus. Another important personality in the event was Dr K. Krishnaswamy, Founder – Pudiya Tamizagam Party.

Amongst the issues, which were the subject of the protest, this act of cutting the sacred thread was of importance. Brahmins are not the only sect who wear sacred thread. In fact, all those who follow “Sanathana Dharma” used to wear. Even the women used to wear the sacred thread. An example of this can be the “Aachari” community. They make jewels. They still have this practice and even change their sacred threads once a year, just like the Brahmins.

EV Ramasamy and his ilk – “Dravida Kazagam” have spread a sham that it is Brahmins who wear the sacred thread. The act of utter cowardice – cutting the sacred thread was one such practice, which was in vogue from his time! They would not choose stronger opponents; they would rather choose an 80-year-old than a 20-25-year-old, as they would not fight back. Fun fact is the founder; EVR married a woman in her late 20s while he was in his late 70s. He raised this same woman as his own daughter! The political parties and people of Tamilnadu still keep vouching for this incestuous man!

This meeting recorded a good amount of people voicing out their concerns and insecurities. When a rapist/murderer can walk the roads of the city scot-free on bail/parole, the attack on innocent Brahmins who mind their own business is condemnable.

Again, this event displayed the fearlessness and cohesiveness of the Hindu community. Hindus who gathered vowed to stay true to their Dharma – “Loka Samastha, Sukhino Bhavanthu” (Let all the living beings on this earth live with abundant joy!) This should teach the goons of “Dravida Kazagam” that if one really cared about another human on this earth he/she should never indulge in such acts.

Jai Hind!