For the First Time a Muslim Himself Reveals Why Hindus Can’t Live in Orthodox Muslim Areas

Source : Quora by Aamir Khan

Doesn’t it sound like a footprint of a regressive society? Any non-Indian would think how regressive the Indian society is but the truth is it is the truth.

I also agree with the fact that the Muslim community is largely divided in to liberals and orthodox. My opinion is not in general for all Muslims but for those who need to wake up and see that a new sun is rising.

I am from Pune but i won’t mention which area i am referring to since i do not want to hurt the sentiments of my friends. Being an Indian Muslim i myself have avoided living in a Muslim locality for most part of my life. The reasons are obvious and have been given in detail in other answers here. I am an engineer from a well educated family and my views simply do not align with my Muslim brothers, apart from that i have faced hostility, jealousy, shrewdness from some people for not behaving like them.

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The only thing i want to know is Why and What is protecting the Muslim society to grow further and get educated? To develop ourselves is a birth right that humans have been given by nature and by God, then why not use this opportunity called “Life” to grow into something? When will liberalism be accepted? When will we respect other religions? When will we let our children get educated in English medium schools? When will we make effective contribution to the Indian Society and make our mother proud?

The pie is right in front of us when will we go and accept our share? Its a question we need to ask ourselves.